a little about us

We all have different hopes and passions, but two things that tie us all together is the soil under our feet and the food that we eat.

My name is Tommy and I created this business to celebrate food, friends and nature. I have completed a degree in Environmental Management and work with the Environment Agency.

Tom shed

Tommy and the money earner (the spade) at the Fork & Trowel HQ

I believe that its not so much what we buy and what we have that make us happy, but what we are doing and who we have around us. Society grows and changes, but we have always been part of, and reliant on, a natural world.

I am passionate about moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle which is good for us and all of the wildlife that inhabits our cities and gardens.

The fork and trowel symbolise the journey of our food from the outdoors into the kitchen, and the happenings along the way.


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