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Old stuff- whether that be a piece of wood or a childhood teddy bear or your gran- can be beautiful. But the problem is it tends to fall apart.

Last month I picked up the cast iron remains of a garden chair from an allotmenteer in Cotham.

Nearly all of the original wood had rotted away, the nuts and bolts had rusted and fused together and the iron was beginning to flake and discolour.

cast iron chair

Rust & rot, and not much else

I began by removing the old bolts, which needed a hacksaw and pliers and cleaning and scrubbing down the iron.

Next, I cut the timber to size for the back panel and the chair struts and began to fit them into place.

part restored chairI drilled pilot holes for the bolts and then countersunk them so they don’t catch when people are having a sit.

timber & iron chair

taking shape

The chair was then ready for a lick of paint to prettify and preserve. I used hammerite on the iron, which I learnt to wear gloves when using (it takes some shifting/half a bottle of fairy liquid) and timber paint on the struts.

Feel free to contact me if you would like some garden furniture giving a second life.

restored chair

The restored chair, looking proud as punch

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