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As the end of last year slipped into deepest winter, we took on an abandoned allotment, with dreams of a shed and rows of vegetables and sun-baked days.BeFunky_Snapchat-1663300603017459615.jpg

In a world with terrorism on the tele and dog shit on the streets, building a little space amongst fruit and vegetables and wildflowers seemed a good idea.

We challenged ourselves to build the shed from anything that could do with a second life. We rummaged in skips, plundered street corners and searched antique shops.


We barrowed bricks in a thunderstorm, put up a bench in mid-winter drizzle and fixed up the roof in milky April sunshine.

shed sawSlowly, the shed came together. Plank by plank, nail by nail, the shed took shape.


We could have bought a shed from B&Q. But amongst the old planks and wooden-frame windows, there was character and beauty.
shed draw


Building with reclaimed materials means that lines and corners aren’t perfect, but there’s a charm to creating new from old.





From cast-offs and rotting timber, we have a base to everything else we want to achieve- to nurture, to grow, to eat and drink.
allotment shed

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