the first snow


After an evening of snow and a day of rain, we had a night of star studded skies. Frost lay on the ground and sparkled in the end of year sun.

IMG_0506The sun is at is lowest ebb, spilling milky rays across the chilled earth. By swimming in a warm lake and gathering round a fire in the surrounding forest, we celebrated the summer solstice a whole six months ago. But now is a time of lengthening days and gradual renewal.

BeFunky_20141224_151951.jpgAfter six months of living above our heads, the leaves are now and thousand-and-one amongst our feet. Like a November firework or the setting sun, their last act is their brightest.

imageWith the leaves on the ground, cold branches stand stark against the sky. On the ground below, snow turned to ice and chilled our feet.

imageIn the one of the days between Christmas and New Years Eve, we ventured to the high point near our home. Surrounded by heath and woodland, Thurstaston Hill stands overlooking land and sea. The estuary reflected the glistening horizon and in the distance, turbines whirred in the sea air. Our daily lives may be more concrete and tarmac, but we all need these wilder spaces.


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