nights under canvas


Mid August. We sit round a sputtering fire, summer rain falling, the sound of water flowing all around us. Our break is three nights away on a wild campsite. We swap screens for ink black skies, showers for a waterfall and bricks for canvas.BeFunky_10609454_10152341408476376_6523072020883075384_n.jpgStripping away luxuries and modern day add-ons energises and calms. The things we need- good food, good people, the natural world- are inherently good for us. And really we all know it. 

BeFunky_10552624_10204729269212638_2958970130783964932_n.jpgOn our second day, we followed Langstrath valley in Stonethwaite, to Black Moss Pot, a pool seemingly carved out for wild swimming. 

BeFunky_10609251_10204637926735955_751574773_n.jpgSimply by being outside, away from lights and laptops and roads, we felt more connected to the nature that surrounded us. It was short, but it was all we needed.

This post is dedicated to my sister, Jen Copestake, and to Jen Murphy, the best friend she ever had.

One thought on “nights under canvas

  1. I love Langstrathdale and in my youth used to go over the top of the Stake Pass into Langdale, ending up qt the Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. if you go at the right time of year and are lucky with the weather you can see the rare Mountain Ringlet butterfly but I never did!


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