a breathing space and the bumblebee

gardening, growing, wildlife

In our little back garden, we are striving to do big things.BeFunky_Chromatic_1sunf.jpgThe human message of our outdoor spaces, from cities to farmland to gardens, is so often about control and manipulation. Instead of battling nature with sprays, powders and weedkillers, we celebrate the life that creeps and crawls, flits and flies.

BeFunky_10592608_10152306932396376_1623240755_n.jpgWhy not embrace the living things that move in naturally? Why not see the weeds as the wildflowers they really are?

BeFunky_10588683_10152306930781376_2137402374_n.jpgWe cannot rely on the odd nature reserve to sustain wildlife. We can start by maintaining our gardens as breathing spaces for ourselves and the life that inhabits it.

BeFunky_Chromatic_1cour.jpgWe have watched wildlife flourish and grow in our small patch of green. It has been a life affirming experience.

BeFunky_10588540_10152306932411376_619164706_n.jpgBut our garden is not just a breathing space for creepy crawlies. It’s productive too. The first carrots we harvested were spindly and mightn’t win first prize in a beauty contest, but crunching into them is a moment of summer that isn’t forgotten. BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpgaJust like our own lives, as the seasons roll by, there is life and death, growth and decay. BeFunky_hen4.jpgIn quiet corners of our garden, we leave nature to do its thing. It mightn’t be neat, but it’s alive.

3 thoughts on “a breathing space and the bumblebee

  1. Lovely and I the bug house is great. I can’t abide those straight bordered gardens where everything has its place and is tied up to a stake as if it were being punished. The natural world doesn’t think much of them either.

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    1. Yes, the small willow forest round your house looks good! I’ve added alsorts to the garden for the bugs and the beasties. We have more house sparrows at the minute than we’ve seen in the 5 years we’ve lived here. It makes it all worth it!

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